Certified Kinesio Taping – Offering Post-Operative Care for Cosmetic Surgery

Promoting Healing from Within

After cosmetic surgery, even the slightest movement can cause discomfort and pain, no matter how much you rest. The trauma to the tissue surrounding your surgical site limits your range of movement, and the increased tension heightens the risk of stitch separation and infection. Swelling from post-op fluid build-up can also prevent the body from healing properly.

In addition to her training as a lymphatic drainage massage therapist, Karen Heyden of Concierge Lymphatic Massage is a Certified Kinesiology Taping Practitioner in the Dr. Kase method of taping. When blended together in a personalized recovery plan, lymph massage and Kinesio® Taping help expedite the body’s natural healing process and reduce the need for pain medication.

Benefits of Kinesiology Taping in Your Recovery

The Kinesio Taping Method is a proven rehabilitative practice that shortens recovery time and improves aesthetic outcomes after cosmetic surgery.

Kinesio Tape (also referred to as kinesiology tape or KT tape) is a proprietary, medical-grade blend of material that mimics the skin’s elasticity. When applied to the skin around the surgery site, Kinesio Tape promotes blood circulation, facilitates lymph and fluid drainage, lifts the skin to provide extra space in the case of swelling, and reduces the risk of bruising and scarring. The gentle pressure of kinesiology taping also helps relieve pain by stabilizing and supporting the tissue in the affected area.

Kinesio Taping Near Me in Southern Illinois and St. Louis

If you are considering Kinesio Taping for bruising, swelling, or other concerns after cosmetic surgery, be sure to schedule a consultation with a Certified Kinesiology Taping Practitioner. Because of the delicate nature of cosmetic procedures, Kinesio Taping must be applied by a professional to prevent any further injury to the skin or tissue. Learn more by contacting Karen Hedyen, LMT at Concierge Massage Therapy in Collinsville, IL to discover the best option for your recovery.

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