CranioSacral Therapy in St. Louis and the Metro East

Enjoy Less Pain, Greater Relaxation, and a Healthier You

It can be hard to bounce back after an injury or turn off ongoing pain if your body is struggling to cooperate. However, when its natural rhythm and balance is restored, the body can relearn to self-heal physically and mentally. CranioSacral therapy (CST) is a mindfulness-based treatment that uses a gentle touch to relieve compression in the head and neck and promote fluid flow throughout the central nervous system. With regular care, CST quiets pain signals, untangles emotional tension, and even boosts the body’s natural immunity.

What is CST Therapy?

Keeping the central nervous system in good working condition is dependent on the body’s cerebrospinal fluid, which surrounds and nourishes the brain and spinal cord. If muscles in the neck become distorted or tensed or the bones of the skull are misaligned, the fluid slows to a crawl. In turn, the entire central nervous system is thrown off balance and begins sending mixed signals to the brain, leading to increased pain, anxiety, and stress.

A holistic approach to care, CST is centered on alleviating restrictions in the craniosacral system to reduce inflammation and promote relaxation. Your CST therapist will place their hands on different areas of your body to determine the flow and rhythm of cerebrospinal fluid before gently releasing the body’s connective tissue. At the same time, they’ll guide you into a restful state by helping you calm your mind and focus on your breathing.

Most patients report feeling more at ease following a session and enjoy less pain and greater balance and peace in the days to follow.

How Can CranioSacral Therapy Help Me?

A CST session lasts about an hour and can deliver immediate and long-lasting relief for a variety of mental and physical conditions:

• Trauma and PTSD

• Stress and anxiety

• Nerve pain

• Headaches and migraines

• Physical injury and post-surgery recovery

• Cancer treatment side effects

• Autism spectrum disorder

In addition, because CST uses a gentle, hands-on approach, it is safe and effective for patients of all ages, including newborns struggling with eating and sleeping issues.

Discover the Benefits of CST

CST focuses on whole-body wellness and promotes benefits that significantly improve a patient’s quality of life.

• Improved emotional and mental well-being

• Lower levels of stress, anxiety, and depression

• Less pain, pressure, and muscle tension

• Improved motion and functionality

• Greater mental clarity

• Stronger sense of calm

• Improved sleep

• Less dependence on medications

• Faster recovery time after an injury or surgery

CranioSacral Therapy Near Me

Karen Heyden of Concierge Lymphatic Massage in Collinsville, IL is a renowned CST therapist in the St. Louis region and recognized nationally for her work with children and patients with autism. She is dedicated to helping her patients through the healing process and guiding them toward greater overall health and well-being. Your CST massage therapy is tailored to your condition and delivered with the ultimate in compassion and care.

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