Post-Operative Lymphatic Massage for Cosmetic Surgery Recovery

A Personal Touch to Enhance Your Results

You trust your care to the best surgeon for your cosmetic procedure, and your commitment to their aftercare plan is vital to your recovery. While rest, minimal activity, and medication promote healing and ease pain, Concierge Lymphatic Massage adds the final touch to a successful wellness recovery program. With just one or two sessions in the first few days after surgery, lymphatic drainage massage reduces complications and helps enhance the beautiful outcomes you always pictured.

What is Lymphatic Massage?

Post-op fluid build-up is the most significant risk to your healing. Your lymphatic system helps your body recover and repair itself after surgery by maintaining fluid levels and removing toxins from tissue that surround the incision site. Unfortunately, after a cosmetic procedure, the lymphatic system slows down, increasing the risk of swelling, bruising, fibrosis, and keloids.

During manual lymphatic massages, light, rhythmic strokes gently guide excess fluid away from target areas toward lymphatic passages where they are flushed from the body. As the lymphatic system is stimulated, it restarts circulation and accelerates the body’s healing response.

Recovery should be supplemented with lymphatic drainage massage as early as three days post-op for best results. Your number of sessions will be determined by your healing and if you’re continuing both the surgeon’s and therapists’ recommendations at home.

Is Lymph Massage Right for Me?

Because lymphatic massage is so gentle, non-invasive, and effective, it allows you to heal faster from cosmetic surgery procedures, including:

  • Mommy makeovers

  • Brazilian Butt Lifts

  • Liposuction (any area of the body)

  • Tummy tucks

  • Breast augmentation or reduction

  • Jaw realignment surgery
photo of post surgical lymph massage

The Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Enhances relaxation and relieves stress
The gentle touch of lymphatic massage eases discomfort and pain in the days following surgery.

Reduces recovery time and promotes healing
By restarting a sluggish lymphatic system after surgery, lymph massage safely speeds up your recuperation.

Decreases swelling and fluid retention
Lymphatic massage lowers your risk of swelling and seroma due to post-op edema.

Eases inflammation
Each massage session rejuvenates the body by enhancing circulation and eliminating toxins.

Improves aesthetic results
Boosting the body’s healing response reduces the potential for bruising and scar formation.

Lymphatic Massage Near Me

Concierge Lymphatic Massage in Collinsville, IL has supported cosmetic surgery patients from across St. Louis and Southern Illinois in their healing process, offering care that is pain-free, completely relaxing, and tailored to each individual’s condition. In fact, most patients see and feel results after just one visit.

For best results, please schedule your initial consultation before your surgery to ensure you’re seen within one or two days of your procedure.

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