Prosperity Mindset

Good afternoon everyone!

Did you experience a good holiday?  Did you make any resolutions? If yes, so far, so good?? Personally, I used to make “big” resolutions but they were unrealistic.  So I had to change my expectations and accept the reality that I am not really going to the gym before work or eat more tofu.  Small successes are better than a large disappointment. How about you? Small successes or large disappointment?

How about your 2018 financial resolutions? Made any?  Especially after looking at the /debitcharge card statements post-Christmas, eh? In financial avoidance? I was.  I possessed a “poverty mindset”.  This year, for my financial health and spiritual growth, I am now practicing “prosperity mindest” now.  It is all in how we think as well as  our words, our thoughts and our actions.  When I first set up my practice, I told the other practitioners, that I could not always afford to pay my rent on time but I could not raise my prices (which were way too low to begin with) because I feared that my clients and potential clients would not pay any more for my services. Negative thoughts, negative results.  My hand was so tightly closed around the little bit of money I earned that it was not open to receive any more money. I did not feel worth of prosperity.

Rather than focus on the lack of “wealth”, I now focus on what I do have. I am grateful for every penny.  I treat my paper money with respect- in my wallet, all the bills are in order and I feel much less anxious. I suggest that you try this.  It works.  You learn to appreciate the feel of your money and it looks nice all organized.  We learn to focus on what we do have.  It may not look like much but we will always have  money.  What, you say?  $1 bill is money. So you have money.  Now I like to give my money away, too.  I have found 2 wonderful charities. It may not be much but I am happy now to share.  I changed my thinking from “I don’t have enough money to give away.” to “I am happy to share what I have because as I give, I receive.”  We do not honor ourselves! We emotionally deny ourselves. I may not always have the money to buy a small bottle of water because it is $3 at this store and I know I could have bought cheaper somewhere else (even thought I am not “somewhere else” right now) but now I think “I have the money to buy something less expensive.” rather than think “poverty” versus “prosperity” for something more affordable.

Try this mantra:   “I do have….” rather than ” I don’t have….”. We will always have prosperity. We are worthy of prosperity in all forms. 

If your hand is closed then your hand is not open to receive. 

Receive what?  Money? It may not always be money. It can be Karma. Or gratefulness from the receiver or appreciation.  It will come back to us “many many many fold”. Just practice changing your thoughts 180 degrees from what you don’t have or want to spend on yourself (really? deny yourself a $3 Gatorade because it’s $3?).  We have to be aware of our money but we also must be aware of our poverty mindset.

We can change our thinking from one of  poverty to one of prosperity. We are worthy of  prosperity. We are worthy of receiving and giving without fear. So be it!

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