Massage Therapy

Healing Massage

Healing Massage

You know you need a massage!

The goal is to relax and refresh! A must in today’s life style. Swedish massage is the style that first comes to mind when you think “massage” from a licensed massage therapist.  $70 for an hour of relaxation. Call today to schedule your “me” time. Please continue reading for more information.

What can massage do for you? Swedish massage improves circulation, decreases pain, increases range of motion and flexibility, lowers blood pressure, as well as reduces tension and stress.

During the session,  a warm pack will be placed on your back….relaxing he tense muscles and encouraging you to relax.  You will  thoroughly enjoy the warmed foot oil and warmed grape seed oil for the face. Very relaxing.

No rush to leave after your massage.  You have time to relax post massage. This is the advantage of booking your massage with Massage and Healing.

This is not just an indulgence, it is also a healthy, natural method to take care of yourself.

The massage room is very quiet and the windows can be opened, weather permitting. Relaxing music flows through the Bose speaker. The table is heated, offering you a wonderful, relaxing experience.

I offer fragrance free, organic grape seed oil for your massage-food for your body!

Hemp essential oil can be mixed with the massage lotion, for pain. It is THC free and helps to alleviate inflammation and pain.

Session length is “hands on” time of wonderful Swedish massage.
30 minutes $35
60 minutes $70

Discount offered if you receive a monthly massage.

Renew, rejuvenate and enjoy!

Call Karen today at (618) 696-6411 or complete the Contact Form to schedule your healing session.

We understand that events happen that may prevent you from keeping your appointment, however, management reserves the right to charge a fee equivalent to 50% of the session fee in the event of a no show.