Dynamic MyoKinesthetic System for Pain Relief and its Benefits

Good afternoon.  Are you ready to experience the life changing benefits of pain relief?  The benefits of the dynamic MyoKinesthetic System or MYK System are immediate.What is the MYK System? It restores posture and reduces/ alleviates pain through  simple muscle movements.

Headaches/migraines? Sciatica? Back aches? Knee pain? A pain in your neck (other than your kids, mother-in-law, spouse)? Heartburn? Shhhh….bladder control issues? MYK System is a dynamic treatment modality which will help you to achieve a pain free/symptom free life.

So, if you are like me, you want information before you try a new treatment modality.  It is well researched, in partnership with the University of Idaho Masters and Doctorate programs of Athletic Training. Through a series of muscle movements, the nervous system is re-balanced, posture is improved and physical impairment is relieved. Dr. Michael Uriate D.C. developed the program in which the goal is to evaluate and treat posture imbalances so as to restore allostasis (how stability is achieved through change). Research publications can be read at www.myokinesthetic.com.

I was very impressed with the immediate benefits  and I became a certified provider. As a massage therapist, I was looking for a modality that had proven results that I could offer to my clients, future clients for whom I am the “last resort”, and especially to my aged parents.  Also, it had to be a pain free treatment, not take a whole lot of treatment time (are you done yet?), and can be done sitting down.  I included my parents because they have medical issues that can’t be or unable to be treated or resolved such as hyperactive bladder problems, bletharitis, heartburn, dropped foot, serious posture issues, etc. For example, my 85 year old mother hates “painful PT sessions” and can’t lie down for treatments. She had a stroke 10 years ago and developed a dropped foot. I treated her based on her dropped foot symptom. After her first treatment, she could pick her foot up….you can ask her about it, although she may not remember that she even had a dropped foot.  Her  memory is really bad and she claims that she never had a dropped foot. I also treated her for heartburn and her symptoms disappeared plus her posture improved.  She could sit at the dinner table and enjoy eating desserts! She needed multiple treatments for her to “hold” her benefits but she does feel and look much better.   My father has bletharitis (overactive tear ducts) and after one treatment, he could enjoy reading his book again. Yea! And thank you Dr. Mike!

What are the benefits?  As a certified provider, through posture analysis, I will find the cause of your pain or problem, reduce or alleviate it, restore movement and function, and improve your posture. All this in just a 20 minute session! So if your pain is a a 10 on a scale of 0-10, even a reduction to a 9 is an improvement! And each subsequent treatment should result in improvements. MYK treats the cause, not the symptom. What does that mean, cause versus symptom? Well, how many times have you gone to the chiropractor for a headache? It may get better for a while….and then it returns.  But we don’t ever think that perhaps the cause of the headache may be a postural imbalance somewhere else and the headache is just a symptom. MYK System will address the underlying cause, thereby, resolving the symptom. Wow!

Treatments:  how many? Well, it took you a long time to get this way (in most cases) so your commitment to wellness is important for its success.  It is suggested that, based on results, you may have to come in two or three days in a row for the first week, a few times in the second week then maybe once a week for a few weeks.  Your body has to “learn to hold” the changes and it takes time to correct the postural abnormalities.   You remain clothed and the treatment is done while you are seated. Light touch and movement restores compensations within the nervous system. No pain, no fuss, no muss.  My treatment room is handicapped accessible.  Clients in wheel chairs are welcomed.  They can be treated in their wheel chair-no problem.

Ready to receive your benefits? Restore health and balance in your life? Call for your appointment today! Experience the benefits of the dynamic MYK System.


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