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This is my first blog.  I am writing about natural, healthy alternatives to treating emotional conditions since it seems the whole country is in some sort of “mood”.  I selected Bach Flower Remedies. I have been a big fan of the remedies for 20 years. I was introduced to them by our vet.  Our boxer dog was experiencing emotional issues and we were lucky enough to find a vet who was trained in classic homeopathy.  Our boxer was treated using classic homeopathy and she recovered. In addition to the homeopathy treatment, the vet suggested Bach Flower Remedies.  I bought the book, Bach Flowers for Animals and was absolutely sold!  So, I thought….hmmm….if it’s good for animals, can humans use them too?

Well, of course, silly moi. I bought the whole kit! And it was the BEST Christmas ever! More on that later….

How? Well, “Bach Flower Remedies ( work in conjunction with herbs, homeopathy and medications and are safe for everyone including children, pregnant women, pets, the elderly and even plants. The Bach Flower Remedies is a simple system of emotional healing that is easy for everyone to use.” There are NO side effects.  I promise. And “less is more”! it takes only 1 to 4 drops per remedy for a treatment to be effective. That’s all! You will notice a difference in about 30 minutes or less. It is used only “as needed” too. This applies to pets, too. Only 1 or 2 drops in your pet’s water or in their mouth will help them to become more emotionally well balanced.

It’s a system of 38 flower remedies sold in individual 10 ml and 20 ml bottles with the exception of Rescue Remedy which is a compilation of 5 flower remedies premixed.  Personally, I used Rescue Remedy to help me get through menopause.  When I got “ouchy”, my kids would throw the bottle at me and run. I would take 4 drops either sublingually (under my tongue) or in a small glass (no plastic please) of purified water and 15 minutes later, I was “nice” again. Phew. That was close.

Each flower remedy replaces the negative emotion with a positive emotion. So you have to do your research as to which of the 38 remedies or combination of remedies you think that you may benefit from.  If it doesn’t “work”, there’s no side effects.

You can select up to 7 individual remedies to equal one “treatment”. I buy the mixing bottles and mix each family member’s special “treatment”.

So how was it the BEST Christmas ever? Well, my 85 year old mother was a very angry person. She is post-stroke and has other issues. She refuses to take mood enhancement meds so I researched and made a “cocktail” of 6 remedies that I thought would help her. I discussed this with her and other family members before I gave her the first “treatment”. She drank it. We waited….and 20 minutes later, she became a pleasant, peaceful person. We continued to treat her “as needed”. We can go  months without “dosing” her  now. And dad is happy.

To quote my sister “This sh#% really works!”.  Why yes it does. I always carry a bottle of Rescue Remedy with me.  I use it before I go through the TSA at the airport.  Otherwise….well, let’s just say that the mantra “serenity now” is enhanced with Rescue Remedy! And I’m not on the “No fly” list.

Pets can really benefit from the remedies, too. Is your beloved pet scared of storms? Barks too much? Hyperactive? A little nuts? Well, they make “Pet Rescue” and also any of the other remedies work fine too.

So visit their website, research the product and make your own decision. Our family uses it instead of Western medications for emotional issues such as depression, allergies, anger, just to name a few. Of course, we do use Western meds if necessary and I am certainly not suggesting that you stop using your medications or not consider using any medications, that would be dumb, wouldn’t it? Agreed!

Thanks for your attention. I hoped that you enjoyed the blog as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

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