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Holiday stress and drama-who needs it?

Good evening everyone!  Let the holiday stress and drama begin! Gotta rush out and shop shop shop until you drop.  At my in-laws for Thanksgiving, before desert was served, the laptops were opened and armed! Ready, set, GO! I am

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Dynamic MyoKinesthetic System for Pain Relief and its Benefits

Good afternoon.  Are you ready to experience the life changing benefits of pain relief?  The benefits of the dynamic MyoKinesthetic System or MYK System are immediate.What is the MYK System? It restores posture and reduces/ alleviates pain through  simple muscle

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Diatomaceous Earth-What is it and what are its benefits?

Good afternoon!  Do you have a pet with ticks or fleas? A child with head lice? Creepy crawly insects?  High cholesterol?? Today I am blogging about diatomaceous earth and its benefits. I had never heard of it before until I

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