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HIPAA and Medical/Financial Power of Attorney-why you need them!!

This is all about YOU and how you can prevent an hellacious (bad or overwhelming) set of conditions for your family, friends, loved ones (not always family, I found out….hahaha). I have just have experienced this so now I am

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Prosperity Mindset

Good afternoon everyone! Did you experience a good holiday?  Did you make any resolutions? If yes, so far, so good?? Personally, I used to make “big” resolutions but they were unrealistic.  So I had to change my expectations and accept

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New Year’s resolution: Don’t Worry in 2018!

What do you worry about? I mean, really worry about? Pick one BIG  item and fill in the blank, “I worry about___________________.” There is good news for us worrywarts. “New research illuminates what leads to excessive worrying-and what can be

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Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower

Welcome! This is my first blog.  I am writing about natural, healthy alternatives to treating emotional conditions since it seems the whole country is in some sort of “mood”.  I selected Bach Flower Remedies. I have been a big fan

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